Andres Sütevaka (official name Andres Mäekallas)
Born in 22.11.1971, Estonia

2015 Member of the Asociacion ceramistas de Cataluña
2005 Member of the Estonian Painters’ Association
2000 Member of the Estonian Artists’ Association

Andres Sütevaka is in the best sense a established Karlova’s artist whose controversial personality and art has already enriched the landscape of Estonian art for twenty years by not only with paintings, but also with sculptures and performances, and also mostly with wine in the form of art. Artists depressive self-reviews of his works should not be taken too literally. Condemning and sullen facade conceals an energetic and positive character, which he fails to hide his works.“
By Indrek Grigor / 2013

Art studies

2014-2015 Spain, Barcelona, Escola d´ Art I Superior de Pau Gargallo, sculpture, ceramics

2011 Tartu Art College, sculpture

1999 Academy Non-Grata, Pärnu

1995 Painting studio of Pallas Art Association of Konrad Mägi, Tartu

1994 Art faculty of Pärnu Sütevaka Grammar School, Pärnu

1993 Restoration studio of the Estonian Art Museum, Tallinn

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